Thank you for stopping by our corner of the Interwebs.  We hope you enjoy tracking our journeys around our community and around the globe, as we share with you our ups & downs, successes and setbacks as we pursue this DINK life.


About Tiffany

Tiffany hails from Mamaroneck, NY – making her a proud New Yorker, Giants-fan, and generally loud. When not going through the emotional roller coaster that is watching a Giants game, she also enjoys gardening, traveling, watching movies, eating & drinking well, and laughing heartily.  To finance those interests, Tiffany spends her days as her alter-ego, the engin-nerd playing with bottles & cans working for PepsiCo R&D.

About Troy

Troy was born Middleton, WI in the shadow of UW Madison and spent his formative years growing up in Winona, MN on the banks of the Mississippi River – making him both a proud Badgers & Packers fan yet also a proud Twins & Timberwolves fan (go figure).  But, his truest inclination is in being a Vikings-hater.  Outside of sports, Troy’s interests include gourmet cooking & baking, with a current interest in everything flour-based (pastas, breads, desserts),  spoiling our doggie, photography, movie-watching, and traveling.  For his day-job he manages the digital distribution of the World Wrestling Entertainment.

About Trooper

Part Cocker Spaniel, part Poodle (we think) who came into our lives in December 2012.  We were dog foster parents to many pooches through Dogs Without Borders in Los Angeles – shout out to Rose & Bella, even Ricky the biter.  Then we received a notification that this one, whom we later found out was named Trooper, was in the South Central LA shelter, just around the corner from our house, and was ready for fostering.  Within a day of having him at our house, we knew he was to become our forever pup, and 4 years later, we don’t regret a moment.